An Epilogue:

I’ll be honest, I went into this project pretty annoyed about having to do it but once I sat down and started digging through my brain I realized I had a lot to say about myself. I realized how quick my senior year is going by and how great it really is to be a senior. I realized through reading other posts how unique all of my classmates are and how different we are from one another. I also realized how cool it would be to keep this website so that one day when I am married with kids I can look back and laugh about all the crazy/stupid/trivial things I probably have said on here. I guess I realized how young I really am and how much I still have to learn in life. I’m really actually glad Mrs. Westmoreland made us do this because it really helped me see how amazing my life is getting ready to become and it opened my eyes to what will soon unfold. Thank for being the best English teacher I’ve ever had WEST!


Annual Report

WOW. Where do I begin? This time last year I was turning 17 and playing Women’s Tennis for the first time ever. I was just beginning my Junior Year at Maiden High School and I had so much time on my hands. Looking back now I can honestly say I took it for granted because I would give my left arm to have a free night to do absolutely nothing now.  I can honestly say I had no clue what would unfold within the next year. I began dating my current boyfriend Alex who at the time was in his first year at Brevard College and we have now been dating for a year. I love spending time with him on the weekends and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us. I have began the college application process and I can officially say I’M DONE! I have always looked forward to this time of my life and now that it’s here I have no clue what to think of it. I’m nervous, scared and out of this world excited to see where my life is going to take me within the next year. I hope to attend Appalachian State University for the Fall of 2014 as an Education major. Yes, I said Education. I love kids and I know I’m making the right decision. They always say, “If you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life”.  A year from now I hope to be in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina studying my little heart away. During my last year at Maiden High School I hope to take as many chances and live my life to the fullest because I know I’ll never get this time of my life back. I think I’m ready for college and I think I will do well in college because I am determined to make it!

Driver’s License!

I do have my driver’s license and the process to get my license was quite possibly the most nerve racking thing I’ve had to do in my entire life! The day began with my mom and I driving to the DMV in Newton on October 25th, 2012. I had planned to skip first period so we could go straight to the DMV, get my license and then drive to school from there. On the way to the DMV my mom realized we didn’t have all of the paperwork we needed so we had to turn around and go all the way back home. I arrived at the DMV and immediately realized that this day would not be going as well as I had planned. We walked in, took a number and waited for my name to be called. I was called over to a man with a mean look on his face, glasses and a personality that was non existent. I completed all of the paperwork, stood up and walked with him outside to take the driving test. I got in my car and he told me to turn my right and left blinkers on but little did I know my right blinker did not work so I automatically failed. I walked back in the building and he told my mom what had happened and that if we drove down to Auto Zone they would fix it for us. So, we drove to Auto Zone, fixed my blinker and drove back to the DMV. I was able to complete my driving test and even though I think I ran off the road during my three-point road turn, the now suddenly much sweeter man passed me! I had never been so relieved in my life!

Personal Alphabet

A- Attitude; I can get pretty mad at the most random things and say words I don’t mean.

B- Boring; I’ll be honest, if it weren’t for my boyfriend I would sit at home every single weekend with absolutely nothing to do. I’m not the party girl and I’m not the type to text people to see what’s happening in advance.

C- Caring; I care for people in the weirdest ways and most likely if you have anything to do with my life you can count on me being there for you!

D- Dependable; I try to follow through with what I say I’m going to do. I don’t always have control of something coming between what I promise but I will always try my hardest.

E- Educated; I have been in school for 13 years and while most people would be done with school after college, I’m the crazy girl who wants to teach small children. So, here’s to 40 more years of school!

F- Funny; I try to crack jokes all the time and although they may be very stupid they usually make somebody laugh!

G- Gullible; Yes, I will more than likely believe anything anybody tells me which is very scary considering how much gossip goes around a typical small town high school.

H- Happy; I try to keep a positive outlook on life because each day is another chance to do make a difference in someone’s life.

I- Independent; I take care of myself most of the time and make sure I gets things done on my own.

J- Jealous; Yes, I hate it, but every girl is a little jealous. I get things in my head and I end up becoming jealous over the dumbest things.

K- Kind; I have the biggest heart when it comes to children and I can’t wait to become a teacher!

L- Lazy; I am the slowest person when it comes to doing school work but I stress myself out until I get it done.

M- Myself; I have my own since of style and I’m not going to do something I’m not comfortable with.

N- Neat; I am a very neat person and I can’t stand for anything to be out of place.

O- Outgoing; I try to talk to any and everybody I see, no matter where I am I will strike up a conversation with anybody.

P- Patient; I love kids and even though they can be a lot to handle at times, I still love being around them.

Q- Question; I ask a lot of questions and make sure something is what I want to do before I commit to it.

R- Responsible; I always get my work done and I try to always make the right decisions.

S- Studious; I make good grades in school and I try my hardest on all of my school work. I am also the President of my school’s Beta Club!

T- Teacher; I have a teaching internship everyday during first period and I love teaching kids! I can not wait to become a teacher!

U- Unique; I am very much my own person and there’s no way anybody could copy my crazy style.

V- Voluminous; I have long eye lashes and I use voluminous lash mascara.

W- Wonderful; I asked Kara and Alex Turner what word would describe me that starts with a W, and they said Wonderful!

X- Extraterrestrial; I’m probably not the only person who looks like an alien when they wake up in the morning but somehow I manage to fix myself up before I go to school.

Y- Youthful; I am young and living out my senior year as best as I can!

Z- Zealot; I am a coffee fanatic and if I don’t have my daily cup things go downhill fast.

Unfinished Sentences..

A: I usually worry about money. My mom has always provided the best of the best for me but it hasn’t always been easy and now that I’m older I worry about making it in life more and more. I worry about having enough money for college and I worry about choosing the right career so that I will be able to make it in the world on my own. I worry about not having enough money to pay back my loans after I graduate college.

B: I feel angry when I don’t understand something at school. I usually have a fairly easy time with school and school work but there are random times when I don’t understand something in Math and it makes me very angry. I get angry when something does not go right the first time I do it and I am trying to work towards maintaining a positive attitude during these situations. I am also very OCD and when things are not put in their proper place I start to lose my cool; again, I’m working on this. I get very angry when people make fun of people with disabilities; people can’t help the way they were born and everybody deserves a fair chance to make a difference in the world.

C: I’m moody when I have a lot going on in my life. I try my hardest to stay calm when I get stressed out but my attitude overcomes me and I get very bossy and moody. I also get angry when I feel like I am losing control of a situation that should easily be in my control. I get very moody when someone is annoying me or asking me a ton of questions when I have 1,000 other things on my mind. I am SUPER moody when I am hungry and when I am sleepy; oh, and if I miss my morning coffee things get real moody real quick.

D: I am happiest when I am with my mom. I have always been with my mom and she is the only true person I feel safe around. I don’t know how I will make it in college when I don’t get to see my mom everyday because I tell her everything. I love being around my mom because we always have the most random adventures together no matter how crazy or how long it takes us to get where we’ve decided to go. I’m so glad I have my mom because she is my bestfriend and the only person I ever really want to be around.

E: I am confident when I have a cute outfit on and have a good hair day. I love dressing cute but it really is a struggle to get up on cold mornings and convince myself to wear something cute instead of yoga pants and a T-shirt. I feel really confident when I do something that I am afraid to do because it gives me a rush of energy knowing I overcame my fear. I hate facing my fears but at the same time it makes me feel as if I can do anything that I set my mind to.

F: I feel frustrated when I disappoint someone who expects nothing but the best from me. I constantly fear that I won’t live up to my family’s expectations of what they believe I should be. I strive everyday to make a difference in someone’s life around me and I try to create a positive change but no matter how hard I try things don’t always go my way. I get frustrated when I don’t make the best grade on a test or in a class because high school is easy and I know I should be making all A’s but 30 years from now it won’t matter what I made on last weeks vocabulary test.

G: I feel depressed when I lose somebody very close to me. I trust people very easily and I open up to people way too easily. If someone gives me 10 minutes of their time then I will tell them my life story no matter who they are. The downside to this is that most people are out to get what they can get for themselves and they don’t care who they hurt on their journey. I have been let down so many time in my life and I know it’s just the beginning but it really depresses me when I realize somebody wasn’t who I thought they were all along.

H: I feel comfortable when I am with my family. I love my crazy, weird, disfunctional, corky family to pieces. My family means so much to me and I probably won’t know how much they mean to me until I experience college on my own without them. I can say the weirdest things around my family and they just brush it off as if I’m not even there. I can also experience something special in my life and you better believe they will drop whatever they have going on to experience it with me. My family is awesome and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I’m so glad God gave me the wild family that he did because I wouldn’t have fit anywhere else.

I: I feel nervous when I have to do things I am not use to doing. I have a huge fear of public speaking and I keep putting myself in the position to speak in front of large crowds. Speaking in front of big groups makes me sick to my stomach but after I do it and realize I have overcome my fear it is the best feeling in the world. I also get really nervous when I send a text and wait for a reply that I know is going to change the entire conversation.

 J: I feel sentimental when someone goes through the same situation I’ve been through in my life. I feel bad for the person because of what they’re having to go through but at the same time I love it because I finally have someone I can relate to. I love having something in common with someone because it makes me feel like I can connect with that person on a level that nobody else can connect with me on. I can relate to people who have lost a parent because I lost my dad at a young age and most of my friends don’t know what that feels like, so when I find someone who has a deceased parent I feel a connection that is out of the world.

“Where I’m From”

I am from honey buns,

from sugar apples and clothes line hanging.

I am from four-wheeler rides.

I am from pink dogwood trees

whose long limbs I use to

climb on everyday after school.


I’m from persimmon pudding and stringing beans,

from Aunt Margie and Uncle Clay. I’m from history lessons

and the Love Boat, from wake up to sit down and finish your food!

I’m from He forgave my sins as he died on the cross and declared

It Is Finished.


I’m from Ruth and Avery Goodson (A Very Good Son), to

fried okra and sweet coffee.

From the planes my great-grandpa saw fly over at Pearl Harbor,

to the his last day hunting behind the corn field.


Under my bed was a land of dust

where I had placed the unimportant,

a sight of all things lost

to a land of scary monsters.

I am from this life–

proud of it I will always be.


Memorable Event

As everyone may know the UNC-Charlotte 49ers began their first season of college football this August and I was fortunate enough to squeak by with a ticket to one of the first games of the very first season! My boyfriend Alex has a good friend who plays  for the 49ers and he just so happened to snag us some great tickets to the 2nd game of the season! I had been to the Charlotte campus only twice and really hated everything about it but once I saw all of the students on campus, the band, the cheerleaders and dancers and the stadium come to life as the first ever football team ran onto the field I began to fall a little bit in love. I’m not exactly a fan of GREEN but everything at UNCC just seemed to fit right in place and the campus was beautiful that day. I am very glad I got the chance to go to a game because it is now my 2nd choice of colleges where I would like to attend once I graduate.